Complete rejuvination services

From install diving boards, hand rails, floats, and ladder to tile work and expert masonry, Dive In Pool Service Inc is the one stop for complete pool renovations. Get the best renovations around.

Turn your pool from awkward to amazing with an affordably priced reno. Get a tune up of your filtration system, or a complete replacement that can make your life easier and your pool/spa cleaner.

  • Replace/install diving boards and ladders
  • Replace/install hand rails, ropes and floats
  • Clean debris from cover and pump
  • Special vacuum services
  • Cleaning of scum line
  • Brush walls
  • Ensure proper operation of pool equipment
  • Be sure water level is at middle of skimmer
  • Install chlorinator and pressure gauges
  • Pump replacement
  • Filter replacement
  • Any visit that is not maintenance

Renovation Services

  • New decking
  • Add additional decking
  • Reset existing decking
  • Add spa or kiddie pool
  • Upgrade filter and heating equipment
  • Replace/ add skimmers and/ or returns
  • New tile
  • New coping
  • Plaster/resurface interior
  • Install new vinyl liner
  • Repair leaks
  • Add steps or swimout


  • Heaters
  • Sand or DE filters
  • Computer systems

  • Salt generation systems
  • Chlorinator/brominators
  • Pumps and motors

Site prep-work, layout, demolition and design all at owners specifications

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