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Vacuum service

Initial vacuum – this is a thorough first vacuuming to remove silt and other debris that has accumulated over the winter months.
*chemicals not included

Weekly vacuum service – vacuuming the pool/spa, brushing walls, clean tile, service the filter and rebalance chemicals.
*chemicals not included. Each service is based on one hour, vacuum service that will require more than one hour is additional.


Dive In Pool Service Inc offer seasonal supplies of chemicals at a discounted rate for pre-season orders.

Power washing

Dive In Pool Service Inc can power wash the interior of your pool, spa, patios, walkways, walls, etc. Or any masonry product the may be dirty, moldy or discolored. A professional cleaning with power wash equipment and chemicals, to restore the beauty of your stone work.

Equipment repairs and upgrades

Dive In Pool Service Inc can repair or renovate any of your existing pool equipment with the newest technology our industry offers. Including heaters, salt generation systems, UV lighting and computers to name a few.

Leak detection services

Underground or in pool leak detection: Dive In Pool Service Inc has 30 years of technical experience in the location of underground and in wall leaks. Let us put a stop to costly leaks and damage.

Painting: Includes one coat of pool paint upon surfaces. Surface preparation (sanding, scraping, masonry repairs, etc.) Is provided at an additional charge.

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