You can count on us to get your pool/spa ready for the summer with a comprehensive range of services

When summer comes you can trust Dive In Pool Service Inc to get your pool and spa ready for swimmimg. We’ll clean, remove and fold the cover for storage, get the chemicals balanced, empty and fold water bags, reassemble your mechanical sysytems, and ensure the operation and water level.

Summerize i (recycling of existing pool water):

Includes removal of winter cover, installation of all equipment, test and balance chemicals, fire heater and check all for proper operation

*chemicals are not included

Drain and clean

It may be necessary to drain and clean your pool/spa if staining has occurred on the interior surfaces or the cyanuric acids levels are too high. High level of cyanuric acid reduces the oxidation potential and the effectiveness of chlorine and other sanitizers which can result in higher chemical costs and unhealthy water.

Summerize ii (drain and clean pool/spa):

Complete draining, cleaning and washing of pool/spa surface, installation of all equipment, then Dive In Pool Service Inc will start filling pool/spa with household water supply and, upon notice we will return to start system, test and balance chemicals, fire heater and check for proper operation.

*chemicals are not included

**seasonal agreement packages are available

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