Preparing for winter is the key to maintaining a healthy pool. We’ll put your cover back on (solid or mesh), fill water bags, install your return plugs, remove all accessories, disconnect chlorinator, filter, motor and pump, blow the water from all pipes, pump down water level, physically clean your pool, empty and clean pump and skimmer baskets and backwash or clean filter.

Save money and stay healthy

Thinking ahead and properly maintaining your pool is the best defense at keeping costs down. When you let the season run away from you, it will make preparing for winters more difficult and without proper preparation a single winter can ruin your pool.

We offer a winter maintenance program where we check on your pool/spa once per month, November through march, to monitor the water level and keep water clear. *chemicals not included

Winter maintenance program

We offer this program November through march – 5 monthly visit. Dive In Pool Service Inc will monitor water level, to prevent ice from cracking tile or lifting coping, adjustment to winter cover from wind, snow and rain, check and maintain chemicals for a clear and worry free summerization in spring. *chemicals not included

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